A couple of great questions came up in yesterday’s Tableau workshop. The first question is how to display box & whisker confidence intervals? This is not a feature I’ve worked with before as it is new to Tableau 8’s release…

Data visualization has been tricky for a long time.  Here’s a still-pertinent set of rules compiled by the US Bureau of the Census in 1915. http://sappingattention.blogspot.com.br/2014/08/data-visualization-rules-1915.html

Three online tools for infographics: http://piktochart.com/ http://easel.ly/ http://infogr.am/ I found these in a nice little writeup in Information Outlook link.

A nice listing of a variety of (mostly) web tools. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3029239/infographic-of-the-day/30-simple-tools-for-data-visualization

Just found a useful tool Tabula that can extract data from pdf files to CSV format.  You load the PDF file into tabula, select the table to extract, and out pops a nice CSV file.

A couple of tools that are useful in creating visualizations. First the Open Graph Viz Platform is freely available for Windows, Mac, & Linux at http://gephi.org/.  This software is useful for creating a variety of undirected node-link diagrams (aka graphs,…

This November the TFDL’s Digital Media Commons is hosting workshops on several different visualization-helpful applications including SketchUp, InDesign, and iMovie.  For more info check out http://library.ucalgary.ca/dmc/workshops.

And this blog is now live!  Welcome to the Visualization at the TFDL blog.   This is a space where I will gather and collection visualization resources.  For more info see the about page.