Tableau Questions

A couple of great questions came up in yesterday’s Tableau workshop. The first question is how to display box & whisker confidence intervals? This is not a feature I’ve worked with before as it is new to Tableau 8’s release…

Data Visualization Rules . . . from 1915

Data visualization has been tricky for a long time.  Here’s a still-pertinent set of rules compiled by the US Bureau of the Census in 1915.

Infographics Tools

Three online tools for infographics: I found these in a nice little writeup in Information Outlook link.

30 Tools for Data Vis

A nice listing of a variety of (mostly) web tools.

PDF data to CSV

Just found a useful tool Tabula that can extract data from pdf files to CSV format.  You load the PDF file into tabula, select the table to extract, and out pops a nice CSV file.