Workshop: Tableau

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Data visualization is an important tool for researchers, assisting in both analysis and communication of results. A good visualization casts data into a visual presentation that can be grasped and understood much more quickly and easily than the raw numbers alone, improving the efficiency of communicated information.

In this tutorial we present the basics on how to use Tableau, a tool capable of creating a wide variety of visualizations. Developed through PhD research at Stanford, Tableau ( supports of variety of data formats and through simple interactions allows fast exploration to find the visualization most suited to the data. Additionally Tableau offers their desktop software free to post-secondary students.

In this tutorial we will explore the fundamentals importing data and then using this software to create visualizations. If possible, please bring a dataset on a USB stick that you wish to visualize.

By the end of the seminar students will be able to:

  • find and obtain Tableau software
  • import data into Tableau
  • list the different visualization types that Tableau can create
  • create simple visualizations with Tableau

The Visualization workshops can be taken in any order.

This workshop will next be offered in July 20, 2015 in TFDL 466a.  If  those sessions are full or you’d like another date/time to come available please contact me at

A pdf of the powerpoint slides from October 30, 2013 is at Tableau.20131030.



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